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Late Afternoons In Farm Country

The grass covered hills
Get soothingly colored tan and mauve,
And hem-in plowed fields,
Whose freshly turned furrows
Look purple in late afternoon sunlight.

Sparse stands of trees caste shadows
That transmogrify into groups
Of weirdly shaped blotches
Marching across the valley,
Their pace quickening as the sun sets.

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Breakfast Is Not The Most Important Meal Of The Day And Other Facts - Digg

Is breakfast the most important meal of theday?

Breakfast does not need to be a structured meal, aside from the social aspect if your family breakfasts together. Otherwise, if you're hungry in the morning, eat! If you're not, then EAT WHEN HUNGRY.

Daily Breakfast Consumption
girls, boys

47%, 56%

56%, 64%

70%, 74%

51%, 61%

33%, 39%

70%, 75%

51%, 57%

BREAKFAST CONSUMPTION and its socio-demographic and lifestyle correlates in schoolchildren in 41 countries participating in the HBSC study

Kale, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussels Spround, and Cabbagle

These are most popular of the world's healthiest vegetables: kale, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage. They are called brassicas.

For a long time, brassicas had a mixed reputation. The rising popularity of brassicas is due to their extraordinary health benefits and also they can taste delicious when properly prepared, that is without death-by-boiling or burial under a blanket of cheese.

Roasted brassicas are awesome!

English: Roasted brussels sprouts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Writing and Work

It would seem that in brilliant writing what's at work is a brilliant mind. But what I have found more often than not is that the amount of work that goes into it is what is payed back; if you don't put in the work, you just don't get good writing.

Louis Pasteur said, "In the field of observation, chance favors the prepared mind." In writing, the mind is prepared by writing. That's the work. That is the hard and inglorious work that must precede any good writing.
Writing is such hard work, that I continually draw inspiration and encouragement from the likes of Samuel Beckett, "Ever tried, ever failed? No matter. Try again! Fail again! Fail better!"
Science takes a dry, clinical view of it; a failed experiment is just as valuable as a so-called successful experiment; either way information is obtained; more data; more knowledge. Progress.
And so it is with writing. You write something. It isn't right. You rewrite it. You get an idea in that proces…

The Value of Hard Work

Are you willing to put in the work? That's the real question. Not what your talents are, despite what your aspirations or goals are, are you willing to do a lot of hard work? If the answer is yes, then you can achieve pretty much anything you think about.